Marriage + Cancer "Bro"l


Get the new 45 RPM 7" from Marriage + Cancer!

"Portland’s Marriage + Cancer meld seasick rhythms with disfigured, atonal instrumentation on their new 7″ single, BRO. Following hot on the heels of their self-titled full-length released earlier in 2018, BRO continues to explore the band’s unique take on the noise rock genre. Falling somewhere between Confusion is Sex-era Sonic Youth, Teenage Jesus, and Amphetamine Reptile, the two tracks featured on BRO will appease fans of all things noisy, disorienting and gross. The eponymous track kicks things off with a nauseating, repetitive groove that is eventually overtaken by dissonant chords and gritty bass lines. The guitars gradually become more unhinged and layered as the song progresses, eventually ending in a tinnitus-inducing climax of jagged riffs and screeching guitar noise. Much like “BRO”, the b-side “TRIGGERED” also latches onto a particularly off-kilter, sinister groove that subtly shifts into more obtuse shapes. The guitars soon unleash an assault of pummeling, angular chords intertwined with bending, decrepit leads as the drumming becomes more fierce. By the end of this short release, listeners should be properly discombobulated and eager to dive right back end." — Lane Oliver, Svbterranean (https://svbterranean.net/2018/12/10/quick-reviews-12-10-18)

Recorded at Stop/Start Studio (Portland OR)
Engineered by Robert Comitz
Mixed by Brent Asbury
Mastered by Greg Obis at Chicago Mastering Services

Photo by Anton Lavær

Release date: Friday, 4 January 2019

2019 Self Sabotage Records