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More Eaze - bodiezNc0de

$5.00 / On Sale

Prolific performer, composer & producer More Eaze (aka Marcus Maurice aka Marcus Rubio), via Self Sabotage Records, presents his latest collection, bodiezNc0de, a combination of pop-oriented songwriting, process/generative compositional techniques and careful production. Simultaneously guarded & open, More Eaze’s personal lyrics address subjects as varied as the abstraction of the body, the resilience of forms and even the political disagreements between parents & their children. The music mirrors the subject matter, its emotive melodies complemented with warm strings, rhythms both languid & insistent, juxtaposed with & sometimes broken up by a variety of electronic jabs & waves.

• written, produced and performed by Marcus Maurice
• Slug Christ wrote his verse on “i don’t care”
• recorded by Evan Kaspar at Estuary Recording (www.estuaryrecording.com) and by Marcus at home

Hanna Campbell - vocals
Thor Harris - drums, dulcimer, vibraphone, percusion
Jen Hill - guitar
Erik Montano - viola
Dane Rousay - drums, glockenspiel
Matt Thomas - bass

Art by Mynah Cesare

FFO/RIYL: Seth Graham; Dntel; Giant Claw; James Ferraro; Piano Magic

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