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Rodenticide "s/t" LP

$8.00 / On Sale

Release date: Thursday, 14 September

What you have here is what'll be referred to in the hereafter as the classic Rodenticide lineup: Samantha, Isaiah, Richard & Chris. It’s the one that turned every NYC venue they’ve played during the past two years into shards of broken glass, bleeding skin and very broken hearts. “You’ve never hear such sounds in your life” has been an aspiration of far too many slinky pretenders since the high water marks of ESP-Disk’, but like a cluster of talon-toothed insects looking to chew out your corpuscles, Rodenticide is nonpareil. Romanticize the excesses, avantisms and de-tuned combustion of the past all you want, I can't stop you, but there’s a perfect storm brewing here and now. — Tony Procaccino (A Wicked Company; Vertical Records)

Samantha Riott — voice
Isaiah Richardson Jr. — winds
Richard Lenz — guitar
Chris Pitsiokos — drums

Recorded by Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace, NYC
Mixed and mastered by Weasel Walter

Preview a track below: